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Drs. Jennifer and Nathan Hamer own and practice together at Allied Family Chiropractic Clinic.


Nathan Hamer, D.C. 


Diversified, Thompson, Activator 

Dr. Nate has trained and worked extensively in the fields of conservative pain management, holistic therapies, and nutritional therapy, among others. His interest in natural health care stems from his father, who was also a chiropractor.  Dr. Nate attended Bossier Parish Community College and Louisiana State University Shreveport for his undergraduate studies. He graduated from Parker University in 2008 and earned his Louisiana State Chiropractic License in 2009. Dr. Nate excels in the area of muscular rehabilitation. He uses the Diversified, Thompson, and Activator techniques of joint manipulation, deep tissue therapy, and exercise therapy. Outside of the clinic, Dr. Nate enjoys woodworking, playing with his dog, and all things outdoors.


Jennifer Hamer, D.C. 

Thompson, Diversified, Activator, Webster​


Dr. Jennifer Hamer is a native of Haughton, Louisiana. Dr. Jenn attended Louisiana State University in Shreveport. She then graduated Cum Laude from Parker University in Dallas in 2008. Dr. Jenn completed her internship at the Parker Wellness Clinics and is a board certified chiropractic physician, practicing primarily Thompson and Diversified techniques. Dr. Jenn has a passion for working with expectant moms, children, and geriatrics. She is certified in Thompson, Diversified, Activator, SOT, and Gonstead techniques. Outside of the clinic, she is a dog and cat mom who enjoys bike riding, gardening, and reading.

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